$80 Online Virus Repair for PC Computers
(Flat Fee!)

We can securely connect to your PC and fix it online, nationwide service.

Your computer must still connect to internet & start our secure remote desktop software.

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$100 Flat Fee PC Repair
Computer Repair Service
(Flat Fee!)

Repair your PC (parts extra). For computers in OC California.

We will pick up, repair & deliver your fixed computer to any Orange County location (home/business).

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$90/Hr On-Site Computer Support Service
(Hourly Rate)

This is a per hour PC Repair service at your Orange County, CA location.

Cleaning can take a few hours so final cost will vary, this is mainly for small business computers.

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$90 Off-Site Virus Removal
& Tune-up Service
(Flat Fee!)

Free pick-up and delivery of PC to your Orange County, California.

We will disconnect/pick-up, fix & re-connect/deliver your PC at your home or office in OC.

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Windows Password Reset - Orange County

Low cost windows password reset service for Orange County locations, current price of $60. Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 password reset. Have you lost your current windows password & are no longer able to log into your Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 computer? We can help you and usually within a few hours. We will come to your Orange County location and perform our password reset service without having to move or carry your pc around town.

Sometimes we will need to take your PC for a few hours to complete the password reset but can usually perform this service at your location. The reason can vary but most times it is a driver incompatability and we have to remove the hard drive to perform the password reset. The price will not go up unless other services are need, we try very hard to keep flat rates on most of our services (virus removal, hardware repair and password resets).

This service is not for Active Domain (Computers in a Domain Network Environment) controlled workstations. If your are in a business environment with Server controlled accounts your Server Administrator will have control of network/workstation accounts.

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