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Our company "PC Aid" has been around for over 15 years in the City of Orange, California. We strive to provide professional computer service with a goal of providing that service Honest & Reasonable solutions. That includes trying to provide the most Flat Fee services possible so that our customers can be assured that the final bill to fix their PCs is a real value.

We do not have a "Computer Shop" open to the public, we are a small company that can focus on the well being of the customer, we do not need to squeeze every last dime from our clients to pay for rent. We can focus on providing honest real world computer repairs and solutions. We are launching an assault on big computer shops that only provide turnstyle service at unreasonable high rates. We provide free pickup & delivery of your PC to your location, and can therefore make sure that in the end of services, computer is ready to perform with customers internet connection and all of their accessories.

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